The final of the Asia Cup will be between Pakistan and India, claimed the Indian captain


Despite losing first to Pakistan and then to Sri Lanka in the Super Four stage of the Asia Cup, Indian cricket team captain Rohit Sharma is dreaming of reaching the finals and competing against Pakistan.

Rohit Sharma, while holding a press conference after losing heavily to Pakistan and then Sri Lanka in the Super Four stage, said that despite the defeat, the atmosphere in the dressing room is good.

Our players have talent, Arsdeep Singh was a little sad when the catch was dropped in the match against Pakistan, social media doesn’t matter to us because we don’t watch social media.

In response to the question asked about the final, Rohit Sharma said that do not worry, the final of the Asia Cup will be played between Pakistan and India.

It should be noted that after two consecutive defeats in the Super Four stage of the Asia Cup, India has reached the brink of reaching the finals.

In the final four stages, each team has to play three matches, Sri Lanka has won both by playing two matches.

After defeating Afghanistan in the first match of the Final Four and India in the second match, Sri Lanka is leading the table with 4 points while one match is left to be played against Pakistan.

Pakistan has played only one out of 3 matches in the Final Four stage in which they defeated India and are second in the table with two points.

Pakistan will play one match against Afghanistan this evening and the other on September 9 against Sri Lanka. While Afghanistan will also have to beat Pakistan and India to reach the finals.

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On the other hand, the Indian team is completely dependent on nature to reach the final, if Afghanistan defeats Pakistan, India will defeat Afghanistan by a big margin. And if Sri Lanka also defeats Pakistan, Sri Lanka will top the points table with 6 points

While the other three teams will be with 2.2 points and in such a situation, India can reach the final by improving the run rate, which seems impossible. On the other hand, if today Afghanistan defeated Pakistan and then India

And if Pakistan wins against Sri Lanka, then Sri Lanka, Pakistan, and Afghanistan will be on the tables with 4 and 4 points respectively, while the teams with the best run rate will reach the final, in this case, India’s return is certain.

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