In the case, Imran Khan appeared at the SSP office

In the case, Imran Khan appeared at the SSP office

In the case of threatening women judges and police officers, Chairman Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf and former Prime Minister Imran Khan appeared at the SSP office where the investigation team led by SSP questioned Imran Khan.

In the case of threatening women judges and police officers, Imran Khan appeared at the SSP office

According to private TV “Geo News”, former Prime Minister Imran Khan was interrogated for 20 minutes.

Coming out and talking to the media, Chairman PTI said that we were collecting money through telethon, but they are not getting money due to their theft, Shehbaz Gul was kidnapped and tortured.

It should be noted that the case of threatening a female judge against Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Chairman Imran Khan was heard in the Anti-Terrorism Court.

Imran Khan did not appear in court, during the hearing the judge inquired whether the investigation involving Imran Khan has been done. it was told by the police prosecutor.

that three notices should be sent to Imran Khan, but Imran Khan has not yet been investigated, only a statement has been sent, on which Imran Khan’s lawyer Babar Awan told the court that Imran Khan has been investigated by his lawyer.

In the High Court, notice has been given on the application for dismissal of the case, the police wrongly told the High Court that there was no investigation involving Imran Khan, the court asked the investigating officer to conduct a transparent investigation and inform about the progress.

The judge of the Anti-Terrorism Court said that the statement reached the police but it was not made a part of the record, which proves the bad faith of the police.

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Do you have to recover anything from Imran Khan, the crime you are referring to is a matter of speech, why do you want the accused in a personal capacity?

The prosecutor replied that the investigating officer has to answer questions from Imran Khan. The court inquired that what is the difficulty in recording the statement in the JIT? To which Imran Khan’s lawyer Babar Awan replied that Imran Khan has security concerns.

Imran Khan’s car should be allowed to come to the judicial complex, on which the judge said that if you had told us this earlier, we would have given permission earlier. Bani immediately reached the court from Gala.

The judge asked the special prosecutor how is Imran Khan’s presence necessary, to read section 160, which the special prosecutor read out section 160.

Babar Awan said that I also want to read the same section, it is written that the investigation can call the witnesses but Imran Khan is not a witness in this case.

The Assembly makes the law, no one can add anything to it by itself, this court can take action against those who are negligent in the investigation.

I wrote the statement but it was not brought on record, why didn’t they write in the supplement that the lawyer of the accused came and gave the statement?

Imran Khan’s lawyer said that if Imran Khan goes to the police station and someone kills him, how do they know that he should kill two of his servants, in the morning he offered to sit here.

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Let’s ask what questions to ask. The court can issue a show cause notice to the police officer due to poor investigation, there will be no trial, there will be a summary proceeding, and the punishment is up to two years in prison.

The special prosecutor said that where it is written that the lawyer should appear in the investigation instead of the accused, it is up to the investigating officer to decide what method of investigation he takes.

The court asked the special prosecutor that you are trying to say that even the court cannot interfere in this, the special prosecutor said that if there are security concerns, the responsibility of security is on the state.

Imran Khan’s lawyer said that the police do not provide security to Imran Khan but surround him, Imran trusts his own security. will not give

The court extended Imran Khan’s bail till September 20 and adjourned the hearing of the case.

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