3 Best Names for the New Chief Secretary Punjab


The Federation has started considering new names for the new Chief Secretary Punjab on the request to consider the letter written by Chief Secretary Punjab Kamran Ali Afzal on August 6.

The chief secretary in a letter written to the federation apologized for continuing the work further Chief Secretary Kamran Ali Afzal had objected to the transfers taking place on political grounds in the province and in a recent meeting he also indicated to go to the Federation from Punjab.

3 names for the new Chief Secretary Punjab

Kamran Ali Afzal said that he has requested the federation to take into consideration the letter written on August 6th and it is hoped that a reply will come soon. Three names for the chief secretary were sent to the federation by the Punjab government.

According to the sources, the chief secretary also has reservations about the release of special funds for 2 and 3 districts of Punjab in addition to transfers on political grounds.

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